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Circuit Werks

Lexus ISF 2008-2014 Titanium Mufflered Axle Back Exhaust System IS-F

Lexus ISF 2008-2014 Titanium Mufflered Axle Back Exhaust System IS-F


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Circuit Werks Titanium 2008-2014 Lexus ISF Axle back system includes the Y-pipe and rear sections. You will still use the factory exhaust tips on the bumper.

Piping Size: 70mm Y-pipe splits to Dual 50mm Mufflers

System Weight: Approx 13LBS

There should be a performance sound quality whether idling in the morning or at night, daily driving, or during spirited driving.  This gives the ISF's V8 a new lively sound. We utilizes the latest sound control technology to develop exhaust systems that are tuned to the driver's desire.

Circuit Werks exhaust gives the ISF an exhilarating sporty sound that begins the moment the accelerator is pressed. To control the exhaust sound, all pipes layout after the engine must be taken into consideration. This exhaust system controls the sound by the inner structure of the silencer and lengths of the exhaust pipes.

By installing our Circuit Werks High Performance exhaust system, you will not only improve dramatically the sound of your Lexus ISF, but you will also gain the horsepower where you would normally drive the car. Like to a local car meet, to work, or weekend cruising around town.  The sound is very subtle but once you step on it, you can hear the deep sport tune exhaust tone.  Comes with a limited warranty from the purchase date. 

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