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02-09 Nissan 350Z Z33 Fairlady Y-Pipe Back Exhaust w/ Silencer Burnt Tips Catback

02-09 Nissan 350Z Z33 Fairlady Y-Pipe Back Exhaust w/ Silencer Burnt Tips Catback


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Circuit Werks latest 2002-2009 Nissan 350Z aka Z33 Fairlady Z Y-Pipe Back 3" / 76mm Exhaust System with Burnt Tips & 2x Silencers.  The Silencers are removable.  Fits all 2002-2009 models.  Twin angle cut 4" / 102mm tips.  These Burnt Tips are very rare and we only made a limited few sets only.  Fits between your rear bumper and the Burnt Tips exposed.  The inlets are 3" / 76mm and bolts directly to your OEM Y-pipe using our supplied hardware (bolts, washers, & nuts) and gaskets in between for a leak proof connection.  The Burnt Tips will be exposed from your rear bumper giving it the Titanium look.  Also available in Polished Tips version instead of the Burnt Tips.  Could fit G35 Coupes with adapters.  

By installing our Circuit Werks High Performance exhaust system, you will not only improve dramatically the sound of your 350z, but you will also gain the horsepower where you would normally drive the car.  Like to a local car meet, to work, or weekend cruising around town.  In a back-to-back dyno runs, customer gained a minimum of  and a maximum of with this 350z exhaust and NO other mods.  The sound is very aggressive without the silencer and still sporty with the silencer on but once you step on it, you can hear the deep rumble.  The weight saving over stock is more than quite a bit.  Comes with a limited warranty from the purchase date.  High polished stainless steel, all are hand built to meet our high quality standard, then T.I.G. welded

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