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Circuit Werks

15+ RC350 RC200T RC300 RWD AWD F-sport Axle-Back Exhaust System Muffler w/ Tips

15+ RC350 RC200T RC300 RWD AWD F-sport Axle-Back Exhaust System Muffler w/ Tips


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Circuit Werks latest 2015+ RC300, RC350,& RC200T RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and AWD (All Wheel Drive) Axle-back Exhaust System with Thick Walled Tips are here!! Fits all 2015+ RC Models. Circuit Werks offers a new sophisticated performance exhaust system with an emphasis on both acoustics and performance in mind. The new Circuit Werks exhaust is the ultimate comfort and performance experience for the driver and passengers! This amazing engineered exhaust system creates an exotic tone and allows for high performance. The new Axle-Back exhaust from Circuit Werks is a must when looking to upgrade from your stock RC exhaust!  Along with the Polished Thick Walled Tips displayed from the rear bumpers. 


  • Fits 2015+ Lexus RC350 (RWD & AWD)
  • Fits 2015+ Lexus RC350 F-Sport (RWD & AWD)
  • Fits 2016+ Lexus RC200T 
  • Fits 2016+ Lexus RC200T F-Sport (RWD)
  • Fits 2016+ Lexus RC300 (RWD & AWD)
  • Fits 2016+ Lexus RC300 F-Sport (RWD & AWD)



By installing our Circuit Werks High Performance exhaust system, you will not only improve dramatically the sound of your RC, but you will also gain the horsepower where you would normally drive the car. Like to a local car meet, to work, or weekend cruising around town.  The sound is very subtle but once you step on it, you can hear the deep rumble. Comes with a limited warranty from the purchase date.  High polished stainless steel, all are hand built to meet our high quality standard, then T.I.G. welded together.  Professional installation is suggested.

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